Friday, 1 July 2011

...or maybe you will.

I have just reflected on my last post, and have resently discovered that it is extremely selfish. I know I would be just bursting with curiosity if I was in your case, as if someone says 'guess what! Oh, never mind,' I get incredibly frustrated and annoyed and just keep on asking 'What? What were you going to say?', and this is just what I have done in my last post. So on account of what I have just said, I will tell you the reason for my name. I have called myself the lazy cook, not because I take shortcuts in cooking, or don't bother reading the recipe, but instead just skim the ingredients list. No, I am a lazy cook, because I always intend to make something, and never end up actually doing it as I am just far too lazy. This is incredibly infuriating, as I just love cooking, but I NEVER cook, as I am too lazy or simply forget. I hope I have made my explanation clear, as I am getting rather tired, so I must not say goodbuy.

The Lazy cook xx

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