Friday, 1 July 2011

My many loves

I did not have space to write about all of my favourite things in my paragraph about me, as there simply was not enough room. So I shall have to tell you now. I love:
  • Breaking an egg open with one hand
  • Watching videos and looking at photos from when I was younger
  • Smelling and looking at beautiful flowers
  • Drinking tea and eating chocolate on a cold night while rugged up in my warm bed and reading a good book
  • Going clothes shopping and actually buying stuff
  • Buying amazing and beautiful things
  • Book shops
  • The smell of old books
  • Warming my hands around a mug of hot chocolate
  • Eating at lovely french cafes with my mum and sister
  • Making delicious food
  • Decorating the christmas tree while listening to Chrismas With The Rat Pack
  • Everything about Christmas
  • Watching hilarious comedians like Lee Evans and Carl Barron till my sides hurt
  • My puppies jumping on me every morning
  • Designing houses
  • Drinking tea
  • When my hair actually doen't hate me
  • Having my hair brushed
  • It being cold enough to wear sock inside the house and jackets outside
I am sure that there are many more, but at the moment, I cannot think of any as I am very tired

The lazy Cook xx

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