Tuesday, 28 June 2011

You'll Never Know The Reason...

If my sister had have slept in this morning, I would not be writing this; as I didn't actually want to start a blog in the first place . But she did not sleep in, and we argued and argued, as she wanted me to start a blog, but I did not want to write one. I kept on saying to her "but I'll never write anything in it," and she just took the computer and created one for me, much to my annoyance. And now I am actually glad that she did, for I have discovered that it is actually quite enjoyable.

You may be wondering - actually, almost definately wondering - why I have chosen to call myself 'the lazy cook' but I'm not telling. You are now, I am sure, curious and startled, which I think is hilarious, so I must now leave you, or else I will end up telling.

The Lazy Cook xx


  1. Oh but I know the reason! For it was me who thought of it XD hehehehehehehe! And nobody will ever know. And melanie, my darling, you MUST write in your blog, frequently! For I shall be reading it and you must not dissapoint me. Just write about whatever comes into your head. Enlighten me! For a blog is also a good way to get thoughts, that would otherwise have been trapped, down where others can read them. And then we can get a better understanding of how you feel. You might feel easier writing your thoughts down than saying them out loud. I know I do!
    Yours truly,
    Miss Aalyn xx

  2. Thanks A! You just had to tell everyone my name didn't you?? <- sarcastic. Sigh, oh well, they were bound to find out some way or another!

  3. Oh Mel! I'm so glad you've finally started a blog! It's beautiful darling, simply beautiful. Well I wasn't entirly sure that you were Melanie and not Aalyn, so it's a very good thing that A mentioned who you were - and it's very good that you mentioned starting and your sister in the post. talk soon,

    Steph xx

  4. P.S. what is your chosen script called? It's glorious! Do you mind me stealing it?


  5. Sure! Of course you can steal it! Just wait a moment while I find out what it's called

  6. I found it! The name of the font used in my text is 'Walter Turncoat'.