Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Indian sweets

The title suggests that this blog will be full o short posts about food, but I haven't really done the food part so far. But this post will be about food. As I said a little while ago, we went to Sydney in the holidays, and while we were there, we went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. When we were standing at the counter, waiting to pay, we saw a whole lot of Indian sweets. We thought that they looked interesting so we bough about 4 different types. We walked out of the restaurant and searched for a place to sit while we tried them. First we tried a twirly orange one.It tasted like sweet cooking oil inside toffee. Of course, with any of these, you would love them if you grew up with them, but we haven't, so no disrespect to anyone who likes them. We also tried one which, to us tasted like bland cheese, and then one which tasted just like couscous. It was a rather interesting experience.

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